13 February 2010 @ 07:40 pm
episode 3  
James Cook, I love you. Picspam was delayed by social activities but here it is

Look at this boy, all tore up and still a cocky sonofabitch. Love him, but this Duncan dick, with his handlebar MUSTACHE (there's an accent with this word, I bet you know exactly what it sounds like), and his stupid little sandwich. Douchebag, the end. Also, COOK BEAT THE FUCK OUT A BOY NAMED SHANKY, I approve, he sounds like a chav. Cookie I see you and your Martha Stewart house arrest anklet, the color suits you. Fuck off mum, with your heels and your ... rather spectacular MILF tits and ... sorry, I got distracted.

I've decided that since Cook has an adorable little brother I kind of love him like 8 billion times more. Him and his pizza. PURPLE NURPLES FROM YOUR LITTLE BROTHER IS FUCKING CUTE AS SHIT. Also cute, nap time on a giant bed, I can't even. Not cute, hearing your mum bang a reporter while you're trying to get some shut eye. But little Cookie playing soccer, that's too sweet. Not sweet, A GIANT PORTRAIT OF YOUR MUM'S TITS ON THE KITCHEN WALL. Cook and Paddy eating fish and chips on Paddy's way to school. ♥

Cook: Never say sorry, kid.
Paddy: Why?
Cook: 'Cause you're not a pussy are ya?
Paddy: No.
Cook: We don't play that game, do we? We don't play anyone's game.
Paddy: Except rock band, we can play that.
Cook: Yea yea yea, we can play that.


JJ, you and your assburgers need to get themselves in check CAUSE MAKING PANDA CRY IS SOMETHING I DO NOT APPROVE OF ONE LITTLE BIT. Cocky Cook has my approval of course ("Just come by to see how deep everyone's rollin'."), but sad Naomily DNW OKAY? NOMEOOOOOOOO These nicknames are killing me and so is the sadness, but Ems does look wicked good in that plaid. I mean at least they were still staying near each other, I approve of that. PROBLO NEEDS TO GO SUCK JONATHON'S DICK, imo, 'cause mace ain't cool.

Fuck off Naoms, calling it an affair, dnw alright? But this: "I feel fucking terrible. My girlfriend won't look at me. I could cry every minute. I feel shit and all I can do is ... feel it. DEAL WITH IT." Nomeo, I still love you, like fierce.

Seeing Cook juggle that ball makes me happy, I dunno why. But seriously, I want punch this Duncan bastard in the face errrtime I see him. "DUHNCUN ARE YOU SMOKIN' A NUMBAH?" I wish people would be nicer to my bb Cook. So much shit has gone down in this boy's life and and bitches ain't paying enough attention to him. And I mean even though his mum is a complete cocksuck I love him standing up for her.

Cook's mum is a shit artist, the end. And Freddie McClair is a shit friend. This heart to heart with Freds just broke mine, save the part about the blowjob. Freds teared up kids and he should just go cry me a river 'cause he stole Effy from my little Cook and that is completely unacceptable. FUNSPONGE I WILL FUCK YOU UP. I just can't handle this scene, it's ripping me up. The one-handed shirt pull off and his fucking face, his gorgeous, sad mug, all teary-eyed. Can't handle it.


Okay, this scene was most definitely my favorite of the whole episode. I know errrbody's all ZOMGWTFBBQ about the Cook/Naomi kiss but I don't think I have ever seen anything so sweet in my life. Ever since Cook first offered to show Naomi his tattoo in that college assembly I've been thinking they'd make the best of friends. I've been hoping and wishing the two of them would have more scenes together because they just play off of each other so well and that dynamic is something I'd pay hard cash to see more of.

They're both so deeply lonely in this scene, you can just feel every little rip and tear in their hearts. Cook is being all stoic and sweet but Naomi, the tears she's holding back are just killing me. And the pain in Naomi's brow when she kisses him, I can't handle it. My heart hurt so damn much during this scene but I'm just so happy that Cook and Naomi have each other right now. Then the fucking head on the shoulder thing, so sweet I can't even. I want a man bff like Cookie.

FUCK YOU DUNCAN (but thank you for shaving your stache). Cook crying completely broke me, I was all teary-eyed and my heart just seized up. This scene just made me want to hug him and never let go. This boy, I just love him so much I don't know what to do. And falsely confessing to giving Sophia the MDMA, Cook I didn't think I could feel any more for you but sweetheart I just love you so hard. Effy going to visit him was the weirdest thing, I wanted to slap her across the face when she started talking about Freddie, I do not understand this woman for the life of me. Then little Paddy going to see Cook before his trial, cannot handle the sadness in that little boy's eyes. Cook, I'll just say it again for the billionth time, I love you.

This episode was fucking amazing. Jack O'Connell, fucking brilliant.
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so much pretty
so much sadness
so much favourite eposide ever!

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omg i burst <3
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i knowwww