25 February 2010 @ 05:01 pm
8 FUCKING YEARS LATER I'VE CHURNED OUT THIS PICSPAM. I've been really busy this week, but I'm keeping my promise, got this up before Freddie's ep. This shit's image heavy, be forewarned, I really love Katie Fitch okay? Like a lot.

Every episode ever should have a dressing scene for Katie. Her back is killing me, LOOK AT THOSE SHOULDER BLADES. I can't even. I could do without the red leopard print power suit but whatever, girl looks fierce in all those pearls.

"Are you leading a busy lifestyle? Not enough time for a full work out? Well don't worry, 'cause Fitch Fitness has got the answer. The new concept in fitness that gives you a full body workout in just 5 minutes. The Hyper Fitch Machine. You'll get Fitched. YOU'LL GET HYPER-FITCHED." And then they break James. XD Sam and Rob are hilarious together, but Sam is a bit too fug for my Katiekins, dunno what the deal is with this pairing.

These bitches need to fuck right off. I don't want to know about your colonic and but I do want know why the hell you want a fucking OWL to carry the wedding rings. How does that even begin to sound like a good idea?

Well first off, this doctor calling Katie Katherine confused me so badly. I was all ARE LILY AND KAT GOING IN FOR A BABY CHECK-UP? But no, it was not happy, tinhat fun, it was buckets of sadness. I always thought Katie would make a fantastic mother so this scene broke my heart. Watching Katie's face drop just crushed me even more. The background music was shit, harps and all that nonsense, not a good choice at all. "You can pretty much fuck off now." Thank you Katie for getting rid of this tosser, he dances like a dweeb and kicks cement poles, who does that? Seriously, who thinks kicking a pole is a good idea? But jfc, I hate Emily so much for not answering the phone. Guh. :(

Rob, really? Hiding the bills under the couch cushion? Could you seriously not find a better hiding place?
IF JAMES DOESN'T BECOME A GYNECOLOGIST WHEN HE GROWS UP THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE WORLD. I laughed so fucking hard when Rob just bolted, I'd have done the same, Jenna's a crazy bitch. Fitch hugs are kind of the best thing ever. Even though this family is so scary sometimes (okay mostly Jenna), the loves is just amazing.

Again I will just say, each episode needs to feature Katie getting dressed. It's kind of mandatory for me now.

WHO DOES THIS BITCH THINK SHE IS? Katie's tits are fucking mint, end of story. But this party, seriously? I don't know how Katie is even getting through this, especially if that bitch is with Danny now. DOWNGRADE DANNO, js.

DRINKING WHILE YOU'RE PREGNANT?!??!! Just no. Fierce!Katie is starting to appear, this Candace bitch needs to watch her shit. I love how Effy just perks up when Katie appears (what up KEFFY). And is it bad of me that I laughed when Katie got pushed into Freddie's crotch? 'Cause that shit was hilarious. But what's even better IS KATIE FUCKING FITCH. Punch a girl in the face, make her bleed out of both nostrils. Girl, you're fierce, the end.

Um ... I like Keffy, that's really all I have to say about this. Oh wait CHEST TOUCHINGGGGGGG. Okay, now I'm done.

Jenna, just, stfu. I can't believe you put that much pressure on Katie to begin with, she's fucking like 17 years old ffs. You place the financial stability of your whole family in the hands of your daughter? How come Jenna wasn't there at the party? Granted, I'm sure she'd have been a wet blanket but having Katie do all the work for that party was just insane. BUT OMFG THOSE PERVY REPO MEN. Thank you James for kicking the fucker in the face, but way to defile the cat flap. I was laughing so fucking hard when the guys were ogling that stupid glass swan and the family was packing up the car and high-tailing it out. Especially when Rob goes back to the garage and grabs the extra seat for the car. ALL FUR COAT, NO KNICKERS. James' rant was so adorable but I swear, had that boy started crying I'd have lost it so hard. I really do not like that Katie's got to take charge of all of this but it just makes me love her so much more.

Oh, that was careless.
I want more Naomi/Katie in my life. The scene at the door was just fucking amazing, and Naomi really pulls of granny chic. Oh and Katie just flat out being "she's your girlfriend" look at that acceptance, sprouted out of nowhere, it's wonderful. The fuck is that garbage can/grunge/electronic shit in the background, unacceptable. BUT THE FUCKING GARIBALDIS MAKE ANOTHER APPEARANCE. Jenna, I just cannot stand you any more, please gtfo. You fucking fall asleep while your daughter is trying to tell you something important. Fucking kudos for calling Emily's super!gay "rebellious", I lol'd so hard. Angry!kiss was hot but my god was that ridiculously sad, the look on Naomi's face, the fact she actually had to push Emily away. I can't take this. The look Katie and Naomi share afterwards was just, I really need more Naomi/Katie.

James, thank you for collecting that "number", it's gorgeous, I'm sure Naomi thought it was beautiful. Effy lighting Naomi's cigarette ♥, but more importantly, LOOK AT THIS FLYASS BITCHES CHILLIN' OUT IN THEIR LAW CHAIRS ALL NONCHALANT. Emily calling Naomi "darling" would have been just lovely in episode 2 but the tone, Emily, please just stop it. I love Naomi calling her house "Mrs. and Mrs. Campbell's" though, that was just amazing. Also what I love? Effy's idea of a good time: pill, vodka, cigarette. Girl, you know how to party. EMILY I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK YOUR PROBLEM IS. The look on Naomi's face kills me.

"I fucked the dead girl." That couldn't have been worded better at all, no way. BUT ROB I FUCKING LOVE YOU. Emily crying is breaking me though, even if she's being a total tart. I don't know if she really deserved that slap but Katie's growl was kind of hot. Naomi's "Em" .. I died.

Yes, this was completely necessary. Katie's back is just, I can't. ♥

A broken lock? How convenient for you Thomas. I really did not want this Katie/Thomas kiss but they pulled a Naomi/Cook and this scene was so sweet. And you know, the sideboob didn't hurt.

James, I just love you so hard. This twin love is incredible. The hand holding and then the half-hugging, and this song was just fantastic. I see you LilyKat pic though, and the Friends' reference, yes please. I'm pretty sure both of those notes were inside jokes between Lily and Kat.

Meg is such a fantastic crier, I was tearing up myself, trying not to sob uncontrollably. Jenna, I'm just done with you now. That kiss between Rob and Jenna was gross though, wayyyy too much tongue. Emily's face was fucking epic and so was Katie's. And the twins lifting James, man this family. ♥


Tonight: Keffy clinging. WANT.
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