06 May 2010 @ 09:14 pm
And heeeeere we go again. :D And yes, I have taken to quoting nearly the whole episode but I'm very bad at picking just parts because everything is just so ♥

"You guys aren't watching the video of me falling off stage at the Tiny Tots Beauty Pageant are you?"

"Why are we playing this game? We all know it was Puck."

If there was a problem yo I'll solve it
Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it.

Rachel: I need to enlist the services of the AV Club.
Artie: What did you have in mind?
Rachel: My shame at appearing so low on the Glist has made me reevaluate my image at this school and beyond. I now realize that in today's culture of bad boy athletes and celebrity sex tapes, a good reputation is no good at all. Artie, you know how our Glee club assignment was to find a song with a bad reputation and rehabilitate it? Well mine is going to afford me the worst reputation in this school. Rachel Berry is going to get a little down and dirty.
Artie: Now let me stop you. You had me at sex tape. How can I help?
Rachel: Hold on to your hat because Rachel Berry is going to become musically promiscuous.

Artie: Um, excuse me? Why is she here?
Brittany: I've been here since first period. I have a cold. I took all my antibiotics at the same time and now I can't remember how to leave. I also don't know why I've only made fourth on the Glist. I made out with like everyone in this school: girls, boys, Mr. Kenny the janitor. I need to do something to get into the top 3.
Kurt: Fine, you're in.

Rachel: Did you know that when we dated the rest of the school gave us a nickname? Puckleberry.
Puck: That's humiliating.
Rachel: The fact is is that slumming with me actually improved your reputation. It gave you a sense of humanity.
Puck: Wait, do you want to date again? I was wondering why you invited me here.
Rachel: As you know, I'm taken, but I can be of some assistance. Help me with my song for Glee Club. I might be the last chance you have left to salvage what's left of your reputation and stay in Glee. Besides, you need a song that's going to help you to express your inner pain.
Puck: So what song do you wanna do for your assignment?
Rachel: I've chosen David Geddes' fantastically terrible 70's top 10 hit, "Run Joey Run". It's a story song, so we get to play parts. I'm going to play the role of the tragic heroin who dies in the end a la Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge and you can be the hunky heroic male lead.
Puck: Do I get to kill you?
Rachel: Actually my dad shoots me with a shotgun.

Puck: Do you think I made that Glist? Honestly.
Rachel: Well it does sound like something you would do.
Puck: God, I'm so tired of people judging me for a few mistakes I've made. I try to be a good guy. i go to school and I say: "Be cool, Puck. Be nice." But by second period I've got a fire extinguisher and my hands and I'm spraying some dweeb with it and I don't know how I got there.
Rachel: I understand. I sit in Glee Club and watch a couple of imperfect performances and a litany of criticisms start building up inside of me like a volcano and I keep telling myself to hold it in and then it just comes bursting out. Granted, generally I'm right, but it doesn't do much for my reputation.
Puck: It does suck when you do that.
Rachel: So how do you think we can get people to see us differently?
Puck: I don't know.
Rachel: I can't, I can't do this.
Puck: You know whoever made that Glist is gonna put you at number one when they find out you cheated on that Jesse kid with me. Besides, Jesse will never fully understand what it means to be a Jew.
Rachel: No. I'm ironically turned on by your bad boy image but I think we should just keep this professional.
Puck: Alright, I'm out. Why should I stay if there's no chance of us making out?
Rachel: Noah, just, please come and sit down and let's work on the project. Okay? It'll help us both. I promise.

Fresh new kicks, advance
You gotta like that, now you know you wanna dance
So move, outta your seat
And get a fly girl and catch this beat
While it's rolling, hold on
Pump a little bit and let 'em know it's going on
Like that, like that
Cold on a mission so fall them back
Let 'em know, that you're too much
And this is a beat, uh, you can't touch.

"I don't know how to turn on a computer."

Quinn: Rachel did it. Think about it: I stole the guy she's in love with then I stole the guy she dated to get over the guy she's in love with. And I'm kind of a bitch to her.
Mr. Schue: Just doesn't seem like Rachel.
Quinn: She's gone behind your back before. And I mean who's to say there's only one culprit?

Let me hear your body talk.

Mr. Schue: Rachel, how about you show us your bad reputation project.
Rachel: I'd like to say a few words first. Though I understand that a motion picture should stand on its own, I do realize that some of you are not well-versed in the complex vocabulary of the filmic arts. I expect that this video will go over the heads of our less-cultured teammates, so, let me just say: I hope you enjoy my bad reputation.

Daddy please don't, it wasn't his fault, he means so much to me
Daddy please don't, we're gonna get married...just you wait and see.

She called me up, late last night, she said Joe, don't come over
My dad and I just had a fight, and he stormed out the door
I've never seen him act his this way, my God, hes going crazy
He says he's gonna make you pay, for what we've done, he's got a gun, so

Run Joey Run Joey Run
Daddy please don't, it wasn't his fault, he means so much to me
Daddy please don't, we're gonna get married...just you wait and see.

I got in my car and I drove like mad, till I reached Julie's place
She ran to me, with tears in her eyes, and bruises on her face
All at once, I saw him there, sneaking up behind me, WATCH OUT!
Then Julie yelled, he's got a gun, and she stepped in front of me
Suddenly, a shot rang out, and I saw Julie falling
I ran to her, I held her close, when I looked down, my hands were red,
and heres the last words Julie said...

Daddy please don't, it wasn't his fault, he means so much to me
Daddy please don't, we're gonna get married.....aaahhh..ahhhh

Run Joey run Joey run Joey run Joey run Joey run

♥ ♥ ♥

Rachel: Well, why don't we just take a moment to really absorb what we've just watched.
Finn: This is garbage!
Mr. Schue: Finn!
Puck: No, he's right. First of all, I need to trust my instincts more because I had a feeling when we were shooting that that it was not going to be good.
Jesse: Why didn't you tell me they were in this too? I thought you and I were going out? Being triple cast with two other guys to play opposite your girlfriend is mortifying.
Rachel: It was an artistic statement.
Finn: No it wasn't. It was you trying to look like you had a bunch of guys fighting over you so you could stop looking like some kind of outcast and be seen as some hot, slutty girl singer. How could you do this to me? To all us guys? Is your stupid reputation more important than your relationships?
Rachel: Jesse, wait.

Mr. Schue: I know you're behind the Glist.
Quinn: You have no proof. I can't believe that you're going to pin this on me. I'll be expelled. It makes sense, everything else has been taken from me: my popularity, my body, might as well throw in my education.
Mr. Schue: You know when I realized that you did it? The moment I felt what it was like to walk in your shoes. I mean it takes years to build a good reputation, but only seconds to destroy it. A couple bad choices and you go from the top to the bottom. You have lost so much, Quinn, which means you had the most to gain from the Glist.
Quinn: I never meant to hurt anybody.
Mr. Schue: I know.
Quinn: I was captain of the cheerleading squad, President of the Celibacy Club, I had Finn; people would part like the Red Sea when I walked down the hallway. Now I'm invisible.
Mr. Schue: And you think being seen as a cheap tramp is better?
Quinn: A bad reputation is better than no reputation at all.
Mr. Schue: Look, I know that high school feels like your whole life right now, but it's going to end. You're going to give that baby to a family that really wants it, who's gonna love it and then you are going to go on to do amazing things, Quinn.
Quinn: You really think that I can get it all back one day?
Mr. Schue: No, I think you can get something even better. I mean, come on, you're Quinn Fabray right? I mean those people didn't part when you walked down the halls, you moved them with your attitude.
Quinn: Thanks Mr. Schue, you're a really good teacher, even if everyone is calling you a manwhore.

"Thank you."

Rachel: Hi, are you still made at me?
Jesse: You know before I transferred here to make you my girlfriend, I asked around about you: found out your rep, what kind of girl you were.
Rachel: What did they say?
Jesse: Most of them had no idea who you were. The ones who did said you were kind of sneaky but that quality was cancelled out by a compulsive need to be right and a strange affinity for sweaters with animals on them. The most interesting part was that even though no one particularly liked you, they all said that you were a person who could be trusted.
Rachel: I still am. I have this pathological need to be popular, okay? I just want people to think I'm cool so bad sometimes that it just clouds my judgement. As a fellow star in the making I'm sure you can understand that.
Jesse: On that level, sure, but as the guy who gave up everything to be your one and only I just can't see past this. I should've been enough for you, Rachel.
Rachel: I knew you'd break my heart.
Jesse: Well that's the funny thing about reputations, everyone thinks I'm a big heartbreaker, but the fact of the matter is: you broke mine first. Do me a favor, if we end up next to each other on the bar at ballet class this week, do your arabesques and piques in silence, don't talk to me.

And I need you now tonight
And I need you more than ever
And if you'll only hold me tight
We'll be holding on forever
And we'll only be making it right
Cause we'll never be wrong together
We can take it to the end of the line
Your love is like a shadow on me all of the time
I don't know what to do and I'm always in the dark
We're living in a powder keg and giving off sparks
I really need you tonight
Forever's gonna start tonight

Once upon a time I was falling in love
But now I'm only falling apart
There's nothing I can do
A total eclipse of the heart
Once upon a time there was light in my life
But now there's only love in the dark
Nothing I can say
A total eclipse of the heart
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