Title: Queerleaders (2/?)
Pairing: eventual Quinn/Rachel, established Brittany/Santana
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1588
Summary: Quinn enlists Rachel Berry's help in trying to make the Cheerios less homophobic.
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters but I do own this plot.
Author's Notes: Not any legitimate spoilers (except maybe 1.04 Preggers but only kind of) since the fic is kind of AU. Quinn is not pregnant and is still on the Cheerios because I figured she should still have a little power over the girls to make the story work properly.

part one


Rachel doesn’t even wait until the end of Glee practice to get started on her plan. The plan it took her all of three minutes to concoct once she and Quinn left the restroom to get to their respective classes.

Quinn sits staring as Mr. Schue tries to help Finn and Puck get down a couple more dance moves when she feels a wisp of air tickle her ear. Turning swiftly she finds Rachel Berry just about 3 inches from her face about to whisper something in her ear. Quinn was never all that good with measurement estimations but the proximity of their faces is close enough to make the butterflies almost fly out of her throat.

Rachel doesn’t bother to move away once she has Quinn’s attention. “We’re going to have a panel.”

Processing the ‘we’ is as far as Quinn’s mind gets once she looks down at Rachel’s lips. They’re recently glossed, but only slightly, and Quinn can smell strawberries. She blinks rapidly, lifts her gaze up to make eye contact with Rachel again and sighs deeply, to her own detriment.

“Hmm?” Quinn hums, thankful Rachel doesn’t scowl at her nor move away but simply repeats, “A panel. I’ll have my fathers come in and a few other guests. Maybe we could get Kurt or Coach Sylvester. Actually I’m quite surprised the Cheerios are so homophobic since it’s clear to almost everyone in the school that Sue Sylvester is the definition of a lesbian. I’ve met her partner, she’s actually quite nice. Her name’s Debbie, she owns a bakery on 4th street, they make delicious cupcakes.”

“What?” Is all Quinn can manage.

“Cupcakes. My fathers get them for me for my birthday. I prefer cupcakes to cake, the portion control is just perfect and Debbie always decorates them so beautifully.”

“No, not the cupcakes,” Quinn starts in again then pauses while her mind tries to form a coherent question, “Coach Sylvester is a lesbian?”

“Of course she is, silly,” Rachel playfully taps her shoulder. “I could have sworn everyone knew, she’s usually very open about it. Very protective of Debbie though.” And then Rachel’s eyebrows scrunch in a very pensive manner and she purses her lips just slightly but then the whole façade drops and she’s back to her normal Rachel Berry state, all smiles and wide eyes (and still ridiculously close to Quinn’s face but it’s not like Quinn’s going to complain).

Quinn’s mind is reeling but Rachel’s smile kind of smoothes everything over and the questions will just have to sit back for a while as Quinn finally begins to process Rachel’s plan. “So what happens during a panel?”

Rachel does pull back then and moves around front to sit in the chair next to Quinn, their knees dangerously close to touching. “Well basically, as my fathers have told me, members of the queer community will talk about how they came into their homosexuality, experiences, whether good or bad, that they’ve had within the Lima community. They might even share their coming out stories if they’re comfortable enough and then will take questions from the audience. It’s more about education, teaching people that gays and lesbians are just as normal as they are, live in similar manners, like to do similar things but just have an attraction to a person of the same sex.”

“Oh,” Quinn says quietly, she had hoped Rachel’s plan would involve her a little more, Brittany and Santana were her best friends after all, but it seems the girl has all bases covered. Quinn offers her help anyway, “Would you need any help organizing it?”

“Well,” Rachel starts and worries her bottom lip gently as she thinks quietly for a couple seconds. “I think if you could talk to Coach Sylvester about having it be a mandatory meeting for the Cheerios I can get everything else set up. And of course make sure Brittany and Santana are there, I want to make sure they get apologies.” The singer sets her hand on top of Quinn’s and smiles, “don’t worry, I can handle it. We’ll make sure those girls are sorry for what they’ve said.”

Quinn looks down at their hands and can feel a blush creeping over her face as she looks up to try and meet Rachel’s gaze but instead finds the girl locked onto something on the other side of the room. Quinn turns and finds Brittany and Santana sitting side by side in a of couple chairs, Brittany’s head resting on Santana’s shoulder, their hands loosely joined in Santana’s lap. Quinn looks down at her and Rachel’s hands again and can feel the blush getting a little darker as Rachel absentmindedly runs her thumb along the top of Quinn’s hand.

A deep buzzing noise breaks Rachel from her reverie and her hand flies up off of Quinn’s as she reaches into her pocket to produce her cell phone. She mouths a sorry to Quinn and then stands up to take the call greeting the caller with an excited, “Daddy, I was just talking about you. No of course all good, you know I love you.”

Quinn watches Rachel leave the room and then sighs deeply, slouching just a bit in her chair. Her newly acquired task would definitely be something of a challenge. If Coach Sylvester hadn’t thought it prudent to tell the squad that she was a lesbian and Quinn had to find out from Rachel Berry of all people it would be hard to broach the subject in general, not to mention talk to her about Brittany and Santana’s relationship or the incident in the locker room.

Steeling herself, Quinn looks once more at Brittany and Santana then stands and heads straight out the door towards Coach Sylvester’s office.


The walk from the Glee practice room to Coach Sylvester’s office is shorter than Quinn remembers it and by the time she reaches the door she hasn’t really decided on how it is she’s going to start up this conversation she’s meant to have.

“Q, get in here already, lollygaggers are a waste of my time, if you want to talk then sit your little butt down and get on with it.” Coach Sylvester’s voice shakes Quinn free from her stupor and she turns the handle and steps inside the office, closing the door shut behind her.

“Now Q, what can I do for you?” Coach Sylvester asks as she takes off her glasses, letting them hang from her hand as she leans forward over her desk.

Quinn seats herself promptly in a chair, looks down at her skirt, smooths it out, settles her hands into her lap and looks up at Coach Sylvester. It’s really unnerving how scary a person can be by just looking at you, and Coach Sylvester has always had this piercing gaze. Her blue eyes are very unsettling and Quinn can feel her stomach clenching under the bit of stress that’s appeared by just sitting in front of Coach Sylvester. She swallows once, finds her mouth alarmingly dry but continues nonetheless. “There was an incident in the locker room today.”


“Well,” Quinn starts, wringing her hands slightly while trying to come up with the right way to phrase the situation. She blanks entirely and decides, just like with Rachel, straight-forward is the only way to go. “Brittany and Santana have been dating for just over a month now and Brittany slipped up and kissed Santana in front of the squad.” She quiets then and waits to see if Coach Sylvester will say anything, she only nods curtly for Quinn to continue.

“The girls practically murdered them Coach Sylvester. Brittany was crying and Santana was in such disbelief she was quiet the whole time. I did the best I could to defend them but I want you to talk to the squad, or rather I want the Cheerios to go to the panel that Rachel Berry is setting up for tomorrow. Rachel said she’s going to try and get her fathers to come and maybe Kurt Hummel and I think she was going to ask you too.” Quinn stops herself short. She had hoped she wouldn’t have to talk about Coach Sylvester’s sexuality but she was so caught up in pleading her case that it just slipped out.

Coach Sylvester pinches the bridge of her nose between her thumb and forefinger and closes her eyes, her head nodding gently up and down. “Q, I knew you were my favorite for a reason.” Coach Sylvester looks up with a smile and continues, “I’ll be there and so will the Cheerios, every last one of those ponytail-sporting little demons. I’m proud of you, Q.”

The smile that stretches across Quinn’s mouth almost makes her lips hurt it’s so wide. She jumps up from her seat with as much grace as she can manage. “Thank you so much Coach Sylvester. Brittany and Santana will be so grateful.”

Without another word Coach Sylvester shoos her out the door and Quinn smiles her way back to the Glee practice room. It’s empty save for Mr. Schue whom she beams her smile at briefly while she gathers her things. She shoots out the door towards the parking lot and once inside her car, she texts Rachel, a newly acquired number she’s actually yet to use.

Game on.

Within seconds Rachel responds with a simple. See you tomorrow.

Quinn wants to squash the stupid butterflies but finds herself sighing for about the billionth time that day instead.

part three
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